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A pele que me veste

A PELE QUE ME VESTE é um projeto autoral sobre diversidade e inclusão através da arte. O projeto convida pessoas pretas, trans, gays, gordas, pcd , com síndrome de down, vitiligo, albinismo e outras condições, de ambos os sexos, ao redor do mundo a compartilharem suas histórias e protagonizarem o projeto com toda beleza que existe na diversidade! 


“I’he already been denied a job because I’m a transvestite. I have been humiliated and physically abused before transitioning for being female. I've walked down the street and cars have passed making me vomit noises. I've been surrounded by men who decided to make fun of me. I always think that the mistake is never in me. I'm just living my essence and my greatest truth. I always try to be around trans people, as even the LGBTcis community is also transphobic.”

Ávine, from Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

“I’m black and fat. Often when entering stores I’m chased by security or salespeople, it is something that every black person experiences. I try to work on my self-esteem so I don't suffer in every situation”

Érica, from São Paulo - Brazil


“When I enrolled Rafael in the school and everything was already right, the management tried to deny it, saying that it would have given wrong information and that he would have to go to the waiting list and maybe not even make it because it is the best school in the city. Still learning to deal with that trying to show another side in which people can see disability with a different look!”

Rafael, from Paraná-BR -registered by his mother Nair

“Mel is 4 years old and has dwarfism. Once I was with her at the market and a lady called me and asked: -Is that a dwarf over there? and I replied: -THAT is a child with dwarfism.
I get so nervous just thinking about it! PEOPLE with dwarfism are PEOPLE! Mel was a child walking in the market, a PERSON, not a THING!
Nobody is born well informed but people need to have respect when referring to others. If you don't know, ask, search. If someone made a joke, it's a great opportunity to raise the issue. Let's not miss the opportunity to plant our seeds of information, with love, respect and empathy .”

Mel, from Brazil -subscribed by her mother Priscilla




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